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    Hi all!
    It seems the most common FAQ for MOS newbee/users is: "which graphic board work on Pegasos? Whic ones are well supported by MorphOS?" Moreover some people bought GFX that cant'properly be used on their Pegasos.
    So, why don't we create a list of compatible/tested/working GFX boards so this problems can be avoided? I actually think this can be usefull for everyone.
    I can start giveing my little help with the boards tested by me:

    - Sapphire Radeon AGP 7000 -> Working
    - Sapphire Radeon AGP 7500 -> Working
    - ATI Radeon AGP 8500 -> Working (obviously NO-Overlay)
    - PowerColor AGP Radeon 9000 -> Working
    - Shappire Radeon PCI 7000 -> *NOT-Working* (totally not recognized by OF - black screen)
    - Voodoo3 3000 AGP -> Working

    Is it enought to start!? :-D

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