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    Hi guys...

    Slightly off topic:
    I'm about to buy a PegII. (yeah!) BUT I am hesitating for the graphic card. My budget is tight for now, so it's between a Radeon7000, or a 3DFX Voodoo3 on eBay (I'd like the 3D to work asap, as MOS1.5 release date is still unannounced... )

    I know that the 3DFX is obviously older but what is the big difference between the two apart from the 3D in MOS1.4? Which one would you go for? is 32MB enough for Morphos? Would you advise AGP or PCI?

    Also, do you know if MOL & PegXmac work with Voodoo cards? Or it prefers a Radeon to be more "apple hardware friendly"?

    Sorry for all these questions...
    Thanks for helping!
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