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    > on PPC it's not that easy... If you have a look at Linux drivers you will realize Polaris
    > & Navi only run on Little Endian mode if at all. And I think for Navi you still need
    > out-of-tree kernel patches to get them going at all. Also they are far from stable.

    Unlike those wannabe coders on Linux, the mighty MorphOS developers surely have the skills (and will) to write endian-agnostic drivers :-) Also, they can write stable code, and Linux kernel patches are irrelevant for MorphOS ;-)

    > IMHO 'sweet spot' still would be the Radeon HD2400 - HD7670 cards
    > (r600 up to Northern Islands)

    Already supported in MorphOS in 2D (except HD6930 to HD6990 based on Terascale 3), even overlay for R700 and below.
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