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    Jim schrieb:
    Modern video card support, improved OpenGL support, SMP, and memory protection.
    All of which could be started on our higher end PPC systems, but are a must for an X64 variant.

    Well, on PPC it's not that easy... If you have a look at Linux drivers you will realize Polaris & Navi only run on Little Endian mode if at all. And I think for Navi you still need out-of-tree kernel patches to get them going at all. Also they are far from stable.

    But even on the x86_64 side Navi has lots of issues still, which you can have a look at the mesa bugtracker. Current GPU's are a quickly moving target in terms of driver support... Even for Polaris cards features still are being tested/enabled in the Linux kernel and this generation is basically 4 years old.

    IMHO 'sweet spot' still would be the Radeon HD2400 - HD7670 cards (r600 up to Northern Islands) which have good support on x86_64 and on PPC (LE or BE) rarely have issues.
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