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    Chain-Q wrote:
    Does this answer your question? : Pega2-2GB-RadeonHD.png

    Made with an earlier beta, but the final works as well. 3.10 improved the support, so the card is now initialized properly without the OF, and works in a Pegasos II, or Efika. It didn't work with 3.8 or 3.9 at least. I still cannot wholeheartedly recommend it over an R9800 or 9200 though, for the aforementioned reasons.

    Please, are there some benchmarks to compare Radeon9800 and HD4xxx ?
    For example SDLBench and MPlayer. And please, is it PCI card?
    Or some new ideas about best card for Pegasos2?

    Just now I overclocked my Pegasos 2 to 1.33GHz and want also upgraded graphics. I take Radeom 9800Pro and wil try overclocking. But maybe HD4xxx will be better choice.
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