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    Spectre660 wrote:
    These demos already work with Polaris cards .

    That is really nice advancement on Hans side, Kudos, but I see no point
    in it (beside game conversion) on a computer that does not have a proper
    office or a browser, for a starter.

    With only Enhancer and Gfx driver being done, and not OS 4.2, Libre and TW/newer Odyssey port OS4 will remain plausable toy to look at, forever.

    Its my belief AEON has really mixed their priorities, or decided to consiously go for easier goals that can cash in. Mind that OS 4.2, Libre and browser have been promised back at x1000 release days, 2011/2012, that is, six years ago. OS 4.2 was prepaid by x1000 users.

    At the other hand, drivers for gfx cards are advancing, but require constant cash-in, which I find embaressing so far.

    - 1.x driver purchased with x1000 just to have in WB
    - 1.x driver purchased again to have CD install (silly me, believed it will be updated for free for owners)
    - 2.x driver purchased with Enhancer to have SI 3D and better Emotion playback
    - need to purchase additional driver to have old Warp3D via AmiStore (!?!!!!)
    - We will now have 3.x driver for Polaris and some enhancements ...

    Sorry, that is starting to cost as an office suite.

    I prefer MOS approach where you buy the OS, and drivers are developed inside that price. At least for "supported hardware".
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