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    Thanks, that was most informative. I believe X1950 has a great chances being both OS4 and MOS compatibile.]

    The X1950 like the X1650 I am currently using on my X5000 is compatible with both but sadly there is no Warp3D on these cards under AmigaOS 4. You can use Wazp3D but I’ll be honest this performs better in a blue shade than it does in a red one. Case in point Wipeout 2097.

    For the time being at least if you wish to run both MorphOS and AmigaOS on the X5000 you have to sacrifice Warp3D/Warp3D Nova on AmigaOS 4. I guess the deciding factor is down to ones own personal needs and desires.

    Each OS has its pluses and minuses too, striking a balance is perhaps the best option 😉
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