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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:

    > x5000 is shipped with Warp3D Nova card with no older Warp3D support

    All cards supported by Warp3D Nova are also supported by "older Warp3D" via Warp3D-SI.

    Again, I throught so until tried. Warp3D support needs a separate, payable driver from AmiStore that is NOT included with Enhancer

    > any full PCI-E card support (with full 3D) after 9600 and X14xx

    R3xx: 9800 XT
    R4xx: X800/X850 XT
    R5xx: X1950 Pro/XT (also, there is no X14xx)

    Thanks, that was most informative. I believe X1950 has a great chances being both OS4 and MOS compatibile.

    > or whatever were the last PCI models

    Why not AGP?

    Because beside Peg2 only old AmigaOnes use AGP.

    > would be great 3.11+ archievement.

    You mean 3.12+. 3.11 has already been released.

    Probably some Cloanto minor fix I missed.

    > I suppose these drivers could be legacy backported to x64 if needed

    I don't think any port to x64 would classify as a backport ;-)

    I ment drivers done first for x64 rel. and then backported to maintaned PPC64 release, if that is priority order.

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