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    Spectre660 wrote:
    The Powerpc 3D performance bands are increasing quite significantly .
    Dont know if this will have any influence on the MorphOS powerpc graphics card support Roadmap.



    ASUS R7-240 (Oland) = 22-23fps
    ASUS R7-250 (Cape Verde) = 52-55fps
    Club3D R7-370 (Pitcairn/Curaçao Pro) = 55-62fps
    PowerColor R7-250X (Cape Verde) = 64-69fps
    ASUS R9-270X (/Pitcairn/Curaçao XT)= 72-80fps
    Sapphire Rx 550 4Gb (Polaris 12) = 95-109fps
    Asus Rx 560 4GB (Polaris 11) = 128-161fps

    You can find a similar range of frame rate numbers for 3D games that run on MorphOS with older graphics cards...

    Also, with all due respect, Spencer, which certainly looks nice enough based on screenshots, is not exactly pushing the boundaries of real-time 3D graphics on the PowerPC architecture. There are plenty of games with notably more sophisticated 3D engines and graphics effects running on the PowerPC-based XBOX 360, which happens to feature an ATI / AMD GPU that is only 2 or 3 years newer than the R300-based chips as found in the vast majority of MorphOS systems out there.
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