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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    >> Pega2-2GB-RadeonHD.png

    > Hope to see onward progress to HD 6xxx and 7xxx

    Unlikely, as there are no PCI cards beyond HD 5450.

    MorphOS support for HD 7730 and beyond would be nice, indeed.

    > OS4 uses them just a bit for 2D display. Having Warp3D on them
    > would be a great achievement.

    Huh? OS4 uses cards that "most of SAM460ex/x5000 systems are equipped" with "just a bit for 2D display"? That's certainly not true. The truth is that X5000 systems have been delivered exclusively with cards that are 3D-supported (Warp3D and Warp3D Nova) by OS4.

    First of all, I wanted to extend topic to PCI-E Cards since with SAM460 and x5000 MOS systems are now PCI-E also.

    SAM460 and x1000 were all shipped with cards that never got 3D support (4xxx-6xxx) while yes, x5000 is shipped with Warp3D Nova card with no older Warp3D support (Do have Enhancer 1.3 and Radeon 7xxx and yes, you still have to buy another Warp3D driver).

    Not to mention, once you go 7xxx SI cards, you lose 3D under Linux.

    Now, back on MOS, any full PCI-E card support (with full 3D) after 9600 and X14xx (or whatever were the last PCI models) would be great 3.11+ archievement. I suppose these drivers could be legacy backported to x64 if needed, so are a must on future x64 front too (or done in x64 and backported to PPC32/64, irrelevant).

    Topic is Peg2 but also about MOS gfx cards.

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