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    > Would Radeon 4xxx work also on PCI-E dual or quad core G5


    > what would be recommended MOS gfx card there, that would
    > eventually get to be Warp3D/Goa supported?

    Apart from Wazp3D with TinyGL renderer, official Warp3D/Goa support ends with ancient Radeon R2xx GPU series.

    > I have a 7xxx [...] in my x1000, but I dont see that coming anytime soon
    > for more then 2D.

    OS4 has 3D support for Radeon HD7730 and higher.

    > Reminds of the days when 6xxx RadeonHD worked only in 2D in workbench,
    > not so long ago.

    OS4 still has no 3D support for Radeon HD cards below HD7730.
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