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    Chain-Q wrote:

    Made with an earlier beta, but the final works as well. 3.10 improved the support, so the card is now initialized properly without the OF, and works in a Pegasos II, or Efika. It didn't work with 3.8 or 3.9 at least. I still cannot wholeheartedly recommend it over an R9800 or 9200 though, for the aforementioned reasons.

    Would Radeon 4xxx work also on PCI-E dual or quad core G5, and what would be recommended MOS gfx card there, that would eventually get to be Warp3D/Goa supported? Kind of sure, next gen bet?

    I have a 7xxx 1Ghz edition in my x1000, but I dont see that coming anytime soon for more then 2D.

    Reminds of the days when 6xxx RadeonHD worked only in 2D in workbench, not so long ago.
    Hope MOS will smash the gfx parth faster, better and free to OS end users.
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