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    >> no owners of Peg2 systems complained about the voltage issues that
    >> make the R600 and R700 AGP variants incompatible with that system.

    >...same as with AGP cards based on R400 and R500, right?

    Yep, in fact,if you want to use an R300 you usually need a universally keyed video card. I have found some 9800XT core equipped cards based on 9800Pro designs (a clocked at that speed) that are universally keyed (but running at a higher/XT speed would probably require a better cooler on most of them, they don't have temp or fan speed sensors, would require a bios mod to run the gpu faster, and may be equipped with slow memory requiring that you know what speed you need to clock to gpu and memory at).

    >> I'm not sure the firmware would recognize an R400

    >R4xx is the last series that contains real AGP GPUs, namely R420 and R481.

    That is cool. Of course, we are back to the voltage issue at that point, but if I had one, I'd figure out how to do it. Then again, the R300 driver on a Radeon 9800Pro might perform almost as well as an X800XT on that platform.
    And if we are modding for voltage, then why not go full bore and use an AGP HD3850?

    >> using AGP variants of the R600 and R700 wouldn't require firmware support.
    >> [...] I'd really love to hear how the HD3650-HD4670 AGP cards work

    >As far as I understand the MorphOS 3.11 release notes, Radeon HD AGP support has been extended to R600 series (HD2350 to HD3870) but does not include R700 (HD4xxx).

    Oh, I thought Mark had enabled both the R600 and R700 cards. Its not that big an issue though, as the HD 3850 performs as well as the HD 46XX (with a more even frame rate).
    So we just have to pay a little more for the HD3850 cards (they seem to be more popular than the HD 46XX, and usually command a higher price).

    I'll have to take a look and see if AGP HD 3650 support has been enabled.
    These can sometimes be had at good prices, and I'd like to try one in a G4 (with pins 3 and 11 taped masked for AGP 4X compatibility).

    If we've received support for all R600s, there are 2XXX and 3XXX series cards (other than the HD 3850)that would be interesting to explore.

    Its nice to see these last AGP variants being supported, as the majority of our supported hardware is AGP, not PCI-e. And with Atom bios support (that Mark introduced with the R500 driver) we no longer have to be limited to Apple cards for G4 and G5 systems).

    These were all options Mark has been talking about for awhile.

    You all can argue about what should take priority, but you can't discount the man's commitment.
    Support for everything (except the 69XX cards) before the GCN cards, drivers that don't rely on an Apple rom to run more modern gpus, and now AGP support.

    My guess would be that Mark has figured out how to improve the transfer rate of the bridge chip (that was the Achilles heel of the X1950Pro AGP driver up until now, and even that card might be performing better now).
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