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    > no owners of Peg2 systems complained about the voltage issues that
    > make the R600 and R700 AGP variants incompatible with that system.

    ...same as with AGP cards based on R400 and R500, right?

    > I'm not sure the firmware would recognize an R400

    R4xx is the last series that contains real AGP GPUs, namely R420 and R481.

    > using AGP variants of the R600 and R700 wouldn't require firmware support.
    > [...] I'd really love to hear how the HD3650-HD4670 AGP cards work

    As far as I understand the MorphOS 3.11 release notes, Radeon HD AGP support has been extended to R600 series (HD2350 to HD3870) but does not include R700 (HD4xxx).
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