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    I'm surprised that no owners of Peg2 systems complained about the voltage issues that make the R600 and R700 AGP variants incompatible with that system.

    A voltage mod for these boards would be useful.

    I'm not sure the firmware would recognize an R400, but using AGP variants of the R600 and R700 wouldn't require firmware support.

    BTW - Sorry, but no benchmarks on the new AGP cards from me as everything except my iBook is in some state of disassembly.

    I'd really love to hear how the HD3650-HD4670 AGP cards work (and yes, I know there are 2600 AGP variants, but really, why would you bother with one).

    I may just have to replace the old 7,2 model I've got as I can't track down the problem.
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