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    >> Pega2-2GB-RadeonHD.png

    > Hope to see onward progress to HD 6xxx and 7xxx

    Unlikely, as there are no PCI cards beyond HD 5450.

    > which is what most of SAM460ex/x5000 systems are equipped now

    1. PCIe cards are completely irrelevant for the Pegasos.
    2. HD 6350 to 7670 (except 69xx) PCIe cards are already supported by MorphOS.
    3. Almost no Sam460/X5000 systems used for OS4 are equipped with a HD 6350 to 7670 card due to OS4's lack of 3D support for cards before HD 7730 (i.e. pre-GCN).

    > and could be a great leap forward from older cards.

    MorphOS support for HD 7730 and beyond would be nice, indeed.

    > OS4 uses them just a bit for 2D display. Having Warp3D on them
    > would be a great achievement.

    Huh? OS4 uses cards that "most of SAM460ex/x5000 systems are equipped" with "just a bit for 2D display"? That's certainly not true. The truth is that X5000 systems have been delivered exclusively with cards that are 3D-supported (Warp3D and Warp3D Nova) by OS4.
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