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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > Pega2-2GB-RadeonHD.png
    > [...] the card [...] works in a Pegasos II, or Efika.

    Wow, that‘s seriously cool :-) Thank you for posting this.

    Yes, that IS very nice.
    Until now, your best choice was a universally keyed Radeon 9800Pro.

    Of course the Radeon still has the advantage of 3D acceleration.

    But these HD PCI cards should eventually receive 3D support.

    The PCI bus is comparatively slow, but the superior power of these gpus should help compensate for that.
    And these PCI cards could be used on other AGP systems, since our AGP support tops out at the X1950Pro (and the Apple X800XT actually performs better since it isn't limited by 1X bus transfer rates).

    I know it was Marks decision, but I still wish we'd received support for the AGP variants of the HD 3850 and the 4650/70. They would have been transfer rate limited as well, but an HD 3850 or 4670 should be a match for the 5450.

    In any case, our future really depends on adopting PCIe systems.

    There are no high end HD based PCI cards, and running a PCIe card in a PCI slot (as some SAM440 OS4 users do), just seems too limiting.

    Still, I'm distracting from the main point, Peg users can now upgrade to cards beyond the Radeon 9800, and that's cool.
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