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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    MorphOS 3.10 did not change anything in terms of graphics cards usable with the Pegasos II, and no future version of MorphOS (or any other OS) ever will, as the limitation to Radeon R300 series GPUs (i.e. Radeon 9800 cards) or lower is caused by the Pegasos II's hardware (AGP 1.0, 3.3 V) and firmware (unability to see any GPUs behind bridge chips).

    Actually, there are PCI versions of HD4350-based graphics cards. Whether those represent an upgrade compared to R300 cards depends on the use case.

    Similar to the Mac Mini, a lot of older AGP cards only feature single link DVI connectors so you are limited to 1920x1200. A HD4350 card would improve on that and enable to (fully) use 2560x1440 monitors, for instance.
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