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    vox wrote:

    Andreas_Wolf wrote:

    > No, but it can obviously work with Intel based ROM

    AN>No, a graphics card with Intel-based ROM can not work in a PPC Mac. I wonder how AN>many times this must be repeated until you grasp it.

    Sad sad limitation as it can work on other PPC board. Now I am glad I dont own
    PPC mac since I would be limited to Apples crazy pricing.

    > like my cards in SAM460ex and X1000.

    U-Boot of the Sam460 and CFE of the X1000 include a rudimentary x86 emulator. That's why they work with graphics cards with non-PPC ROM.

    Good. So those standards are not that bad.

    > Surely Apple machines are a bit more kinky.

    The PPC Mac OpenFirmware lacks an x86 emulator. Not sure whether that's to be called "kinky".

    Everything about apple seems to be kinky.

    > That is reality I do live each day I turn X1000.

    I don't doubt your problem with your X1000 (btw, I thought you gave it away to get the Sam460?), but opposed to what you claim it is not caused by the lack of a PPC ROM in your Radeon HD6870.

    Its on my desk for PPC Linux customization for DJ Nick. OpenGL, new kernel, he wants KDE ... we do live in same city.

    > Hope that is not obstacle that cannot be overcomed

    I'm afraid it is.

    I am sad.

    > or we (team) could bake their own reflash :-)

    Nice joke :-)

    That would be old school way.

    > RadeonHD is way sooner or later

    Not for PPC Macs.

    Thanks for making it clear. Now list of cards I can surely
    get for SAM460ex esp. low profile and I am good to go MOS.

    crazy pricing? how about $75 usd for a power mac g5 with dual 2 ghz procs and 2 gb memory versus several hundred to 1 or 2 thousand (usd) for a sam or ? board or bare system?
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