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    takemehomegrandma wrote:
    Never buy HW based on *hopes* of MorphOS support, that has allways been the general recommendation, and you should (really) take this advice seriously. Sure, MorphOS with Sam460 support was announced/demoed, but until it gets here (*if* it actually gets here in the end) you will not know what will be supported and what will not. If it indeed gets here, then everything will become clear. Not until then. In the mean rime, things may change, so details won't be discussed (they never are), and everything will be pure specularions. You will know. In time. Be patient...

    To be honest Radeon 4000HD was card offered by Acube with SAM460ex.

    But Radeon X1300 is cheap and available, so I will replace it.

    Since there are AGP and PCI-E versions, many MorphOS users might upgrade, if 3D gets supported. Once it gets to mature phase, please post which cards are 100% working.
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