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    koszer wrote:

    I think it's worth noting that "Mac Pro compatible" X1900 series cards won't run with dual/quad core G5 (at least with Open Firmware and OSX) unless they're properly flashed. And yes, I don't see a single one on eBay now so they do seem rare.

    There are three listed there right now, the cheapest is $55 with free shipping, and I fail to see what Mac Pro video cards has to do with anything, as our users aren't stupid enough to assume that Mac X64 cards will work in a G5, and PC cards are cheaper anyeay.
    Personally, I'd recommend a PC X1950XTX, but I'm unsure if you'd need an Apple firmware card in order to boot.
    One friend of mine has an Apple Nvidia 6600 in his system in order to get the system started, but others have told me that they are running Radeon HD cards by themselves.
    In any case, Apple X1900GT cards are NOT rare.
    Would you like me to post the listings?

    And, as to Kronos' suggestion that the fans couldn't be altered in the G5, I'd be will to experiment with that.
    Just give me a copy of the OS that is set to run the fans at full speed.

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