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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    >> Radeon X1900 mac version (very hard to find and expensive)

    > Apple X1900GT [...] are easy to come by.

    Yes, but price very much depends on your location. Currently, eBay Germany only lists an offer by a US dealer (59 EUR + 54 EUR shipping, new, more than 10 available). 113 EUR for the card is pretty steep.

    >> Lack of drivers for:
    >> - builtin network card (i need to use Realtek on PCIe)
    >> - fans (always on middle speed)
    >> - temperature support

    > I doesn't seem fair that you would restrict use of PCI-E G5s to
    > developers based solely on the network support issue.

    That's why it isn't based solely on the network support issue, I guess ;-)

    If any of you find X1900GT cards in the US, I can ship them to Germany for about $23.00 via first class postage, or about $35 using priority mail.
    The card I own cost me $20.

    And the PCI-E G5 under MorphOS would be able to use PC video cards for R500 and above Radeon. Currently this would allow the X1950XTX to be used, which is quite a fast card with 512mb of vram.
    Yesterday, I bought a Radeon HD 6750 for my quad on eBay for $25.
    This card should eventually be supported under MorphOS (Mark has one).

    As to fan control. Give me a version with the fans set to full and I'll add manual fan trimmer pots until software control is enabled.

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