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    zukow wrote:
    Lack of drivers for:
    - builtin network card (i need to use Realtek on PCIe)
    - fans (always on middle speed)
    - temperature support
    - gfx card support is not finished, i couldn't get some HD4xxx working, so i use X1950xt
    all of these above would be part of the bounty :D

    + lack of time and releasing new platform support will require support for users etc.
    + professional release should deal with gfx card problem: as PCIes have NVidia card users would need to buy either Radeon X1900 mac version (very hard to find and expensive) or some X1900/X1950 card with pc bios. Having pc bios card (as I have) doesn't allow to see OF or MacosX.

    Good thing with PCie is that WIFI Atheros cards works so no need to look for hard to find Airport for g5 pcies.

    The R600 and R700 drivers ought to be ready soon, and Mark is working on higher Radeon HD card drivers as well.

    Frank has an X1950XTX (I believe).
    And I have an Apple X1900GT in my Quad, they are easy to come by.

    I doesn't seem fair that you would restrict use of PCI-E G5s to developers based solely on the network support issue.

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