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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > the performance of the X5000 is not nearly as bad as some have portrayed it to be.
    > We haven't even seen it running MorphOS yet

    Benchmark results requested by me have been released by pampers in January 2016. Anybody could have requested other/more results as offered by him, but nobody did.

    I've exchanged messages with Wiktor, he didn't seem unhappy with the X5000, he was upset over the dearth of software for MorphOS.

    Wiktor has explored each of the best options for MorphOS, from hi-res PowerBooks, to G5s, to the X5000, and his complaint has never been about performance issues.

    He's unhappy about issues related to the lack of productivity software, browser support, and the utility in using a MorphOS system as a daily platform.

    Quad G5 support would NOT alter this.
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