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    koszer wrote:
    OK, so we're here discussing the AmigaOne X5000 vs PowerMac dual/quad core performance, but the discussion is quite pointless ATM, as late 2005 G5 PowerMacs aren't supported by MorphOS (yet?), and the X5000 is said to be. I wonder however (in light of questioned underperformance of X5000) if we (end users) can do anything to make a late G5 support in MorphOS more likely. Like a bounty, or a declaration of registering as soon as said version sees the light of the day...

    There's been a G5 support bounty once... What do you think?

    From a component stand point, it has several differences from the AGP G5s.
    It would require quite a few new drivers.

    If I'm not mistaken, the bounty Bigfoot was paid for the original G5 port was about $5000.
    And to the best of my knowledge, Mark does not own a PCI-E G5.

    So, donate a dual or quad core PCI-E G5, arrange a large bounty, AND get someone to agree to do the port.
    No big deal, right?

    I'd be interested in donating to a bounty for that.

    Alternately, we can just be happy with what we have (and the X5000 port that will be released) and await an eventual port to X64.
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