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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > so far the only 'evidence' I've seen are some low benchmarks for memory
    > bandwidth. [...] this isn't really a contest between the X5000 and the quad G5,
    > as the only OS they have in common is Linux.

    As you know, the Cyrus/X5000 memory performance doesn't come off significantly better if compared to AGP-based G5 PowerMacs with benchmarks completely done on MorphOS.

    > monolythic kernel [...] I don't find that ideal. If I'm going to [...] use an OS based
    > on one of those, I'll just use Windows

    "the kernel performs almost all the tasks of a traditional microkernel; the strict distinction between Executive and Kernel is the most prominent remnant of the original microkernel design, and historical design documentation consistently refers to the kernel component as "the microkernel"."


    Interesting quote.
    There was a period, about the time CDi was trying to make headway, that Microsoft was rumored to be thinking about shifting toward a micro kernel based OS. And OSX has a curious hybrid core in Mach.
    Linux actually seems the most primitive in that it's kernel was become a monster.

    IF someone took the idea serious, MorphOS (or something based on it) could actually be upgraded to compete with these operating systems.
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