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    > so far the only 'evidence' I've seen are some low benchmarks for memory
    > bandwidth. [...] this isn't really a contest between the X5000 and the quad G5,
    > as the only OS they have in common is Linux.

    As you know, the Cyrus/X5000 memory performance doesn't come off significantly better if compared to AGP-based G5 PowerMacs with benchmarks completely done on MorphOS.

    > monolythic kernel [...] I don't find that ideal. If I'm going to [...] use an OS based
    > on one of those, I'll just use Windows

    "the kernel performs almost all the tasks of a traditional microkernel; the strict distinction between Executive and Kernel is the most prominent remnant of the original microkernel design, and historical design documentation consistently refers to the kernel component as "the microkernel"."

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