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    tlosmx wrote:

    Jim wrote:
    Well, the X5000 ought to outperform a Peg2.

    this is for sure, but the peg2 for me was the best machine made in the amigang hystory.
    probably because made by bplan (phase5)?,
    i like the good choose of open firmware, the cpu book3s and the perfect compatibily.
    the cpu can be upgraded, plus was ready for a dual core module.

    Yes, I agree that bPlan hardware had it all over the stuff that was carrying the AmigaOne banner, and the Peg2 got rid of the Artica S, the weak point of early AmigaOne and Peg1 boards.

    I was hoping I could draw Bill Buck back into the community for a final PPC board project, as he still has access to those production facilities, but lack of enthusiasm for the project on Freescale's part helped torpedo that.

    But the Pegasos2 was a high point for our community.
    Open firmware, an upgradable CPU board, and eventually the design details were released to the public.
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