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    Jim wrote:

    tlosmx wrote:

    And I'd never claim to be an Amigan, as that cult is populated by eccentric people who frequently exhibit signs of mental illness.

    i quote they are made negation of evidences...

    I'm not sure I get that.
    But I stand by my contention that the Amiga community at large has an unusually large percentage of what can most kindly be called 'odd personalities'.

    As far as 'negation of evidences', so far the only 'evidence' I've seen are some low benchmarks for memory bandwidth.
    Other than that, you've posted a great deal of subjective impressions.

    Further, this isn't really a contest between the X5000 and the quad G5, as the only OS they have in common is Linux.
    And I will agree with grandma here that I am not a big Linux fan.
    Linux uses a monolythic kernel, and I don't find that ideal.
    If I'm going to compromise and use an OS based on one of those, I'll just use Windows, as it's SO much less of a PITA.

    So, again, I'll use Amiga OS, and Linux, BUT I'm NOT a fan.
    I'm a MorphOS user.


    I'm a MorphOS user.

    im not morphos big fan, i appreciate it optimization and how much it is responsive.i like it but for sure i will love it when will be on quad with smp ;-)
    i start appreciate linux when i found a great alternative of osx on my Quad and from that time i start studing it.

    this are couples of my morphos videos hope you will like it. was made from two of my machines.
    the best machine for me was and continue be the Pegasos2 ...
    Im my life i try to be more objective possible.

    video 1
    video 2

    edit: about my x5000 consideration be sure of one thing this machine cant be paragonable in nothing to the performance of g5 quad. and what made this machine a really not good desktop experience is the slow ram. with a faster ram speed im sure everything can be much more better every ware. And ram speed cant be fixed . belive me

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