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    takemehomegrandma wrote:

    Spectre660 wrote:
    Jim wanted one.

    Hardly as an Amigan. Hardly as a Linux user as well (ARM and x86/x64 offers plenty of better options, whatever you need). He is a PPC fetishist, and it still remains to be seen if he will actually put his money where his mouth is in this matter.

    Personally, I doubt it.

    It's a lot of money.

    Actually, it's not that much money, particularly in light of the prices originally commanded by legacy Amigas.

    And I'd never claim to be an Amigan, as that cult is populated by eccentric people who frequently exhibit signs of mental illness.

    My original interest was the 68K family of processor, and Motorola CPUs in general, as they were superior to the Intel processors that were available at their introduction, and yes I like RISC, no apologies there.

    As to what I will or won't do, I'll continue to support MorphOS, as it's a nice, compact OS with a micro kernel. It's relation to Amiga OS actually isn't that important to me.
    SO...I'm a MorphOS user (registered MorphOS user), NOT an Amigan.

    Further, when it comes to 'Putting my money where my mouth is'...I do that regularly with bounty donations, contributions of hardware, and contributions to campaigns like the T2080 laptop project.
    I don't just offer my opinion, grandma, like some of us.

    SO, it might be time to remind you all of how easy it is to be a critic, without also offering anything positive as a counterpoint.

    I know a few of you have taken offense to some of the things Andreas has posted, but you know, I think HE is always balanced, fair, and most importantly factual.
    So, using that as an example, I've tried to follow his lead (not always succeeding).

    Finally, I'm not here to offer anyone advice or act as a model for your emulation. I would not recommend you buy (or not buy) hardware based on my own preferences. My interests in our pursuits is primarily from a hobbyist's perspective, and I don't feel constrained by practicality.
    "Never attribute to malice what can more readily explained by incompetence"
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