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    takemehomegrandma wrote:
    Well, since the 5040 is essentially pointless (from an "Amiga" perspective), it would have been better to only do *one* board that fully make use of the *5020 specs*. Now they have obviously made compromises to be able to use the same board with a CPU that no Amigan wants or needs.

    *5010 have same specs but can be more amigan ;-)

    1. A Cyrus motherboard designed exclusively for the P5010/P5020 specs, equipped with the cheaper P5010 CPU, would have been the best option for OS4 in regards to price/specs.

    2. Instead they used the more expensive P5020, making OS4 users pay extra for a CPU core they have no need or use for.

    3. But not only that, the Cyrus board design itself is cripled (being less than what it could have been with 5020/5010) to be able to use the P5040, which is even more expensive and will have *three* unused cores in OS4, thus being even further away from what makes sense for OS4.

    IMHO this rymes poorly with the statements that the "AmigaOne X5000 is exclusively built [being an "Amiga"] for OS4"
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