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    Zylesea wrote:

    Not to question the comptence of the varisys guys, but I guess ASUS or Dell are just more professional on designing hardware - they are just more experienced.

    Could be. However, I think it has a lot to do with volume and economy of scale. A board made for volumes in the hundreds could only carry a rather limited cost for design, testing and post-launch support, despite a price tag of €2000-€3000 or so. Someone will always have to draw the line somewhere on how much time (read: money) that could be spent on optimizing, polishing the details, etc, as well as post-sale support such as firmware updates. Someone will sooner or later have to say "we could do more but this is good enough, spendings stops here". ASUS and Apple etc can set that "good enough" limit a lot further away for their products sold in hundreds of thousands(?), than Varisys could do for a product projected to be built in the hundreds. Mainstream and mass volume is good. That's why "Apple" and "ASUS" means a whole different dimension of quality compared to what "AmigaOne" could ever hope of...
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