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    > 4x 1x 1x can be good if will gave the best and lest issue compared to put
    > bridge over bridge. if an user was need a pci for example there are many adaptor

    While there're x4 x1 x1 PCIe configs for both P5020 and P5040, they are not compatible with each other for the rest of the SerDes assignments, so unfortunately none of these configs can be used for a common P5020/P5040 board.
    And for a P5021/P5040 board, I think x4 x1 x1 without bridge would be really scarce: x4 for graphics card and x1 for Xorro leaves just one x1, which may have to be occupied by a PCI adapter in case of need. And if a bridge is needed anyway, it makes sense to use the max. number of native PCIe lanes (which is 8 with x4 x4 config, as opposed to just 6 with x4 x1 x1 config).

    > right now on my x5000 im using only 4x 1x 1x

    From SoC's point of view that's still x4 x4 :-)
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