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    > Seems like the expansion busses and PCI-E routing on these boards is less than ideal.

    That's the price to be paid when having to settle for the lowest common denominator for a board used with two SoCs (three originally) that are not 100% pin-compatible. Given that task and the number and type of expansion slots A-Eon probably requested, Varisys found the ideal solution in selecting x4 x4 config and using a bridge on the 2nd x4 to gain 4 more PCIe lanes for a total of 12.
    Varisys can only work with what they get, and they can't overcome Freescale's bad decisions (or A-Eon's, for that matter).

    > This is one area the X1000 seems to have a leg up on.

    Absolutely, as the PA6T seems to allow an arbitrary SerDes lane assignment, whereas the QorIQ series is really limited in this regard by only allowing to select from a number of fixed assignments (none of which defined with desktop use in mind, of course).
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