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    takemehomegrandma wrote:

    amigadave wrote:

    There are several "Amigans" who want an X5000 5020 or 5040

    The problem is the "or" in your sentence above, since this option of using the 5040 with the same board design seems to have cripled the board for all 5020 users (and 5020 is less of a *waste* for Amigans than the 5040, hence this is what most Amigans will choose). No doubt the 5040 will be more expensive, it will have 3 unused cores instead of 1, it may be clocked faster but still without being fast at all, not measured against modern hardware, not even measured against 2005 level Mac PPC hardware. Obviously not even in Linux using all 4 cores, where an ancient Quad Powermac easily beats it at the fraction of the price tag.

    Yes, the problems the 5040 (and even 5020) are having make it less attractive to rational people, but if the 5040 runs AmigaOS4.1FE faster than my X1000, or even just marginally faster than the 5020, there will be a small number of AmigaOS4 fanatics that will pay the price to have the best experience running their beloved AmigaOS4.

    None of the Amiga and Amiga inspired options are rational choices today for anything other than nostalgic fun, so it is all just a matter of levels of lunacy in trying to use any of our systems for modern tasks. I see it as similar to many other hobbies, including collecting and/or restoring and reselling antique cars. The money spent is often several times more expensive than the price such antique cars can be sold for, after they have been restored, if the car is old and needs major repairs and/or is missing expensive replacement parts. I think most antique car owners buy them to enjoy for a short while, then sell them at a loss to the next collector, who gets some enjoyment from driving, or just looking at them in their garage. On rare occasions, some of the antique cars will increase in value, depending on the rarity of the model, and the general state of the world economy. Buying the already restored antique cars at auctions can sometimes yield lucky results, and lead to a potential profit, but those opportunities in any hobby I think are fairly rare.
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