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    amigadave wrote:

    There are several "Amigans" who want an X5000 5020 or 5040

    The problem is the "or" in your sentence above, since this option of using the 5040 with the same board design seems to have cripled the board for all 5020 users (and 5020 is less of a *waste* for Amigans than the 5040, hence this is what most Amigans will choose). No doubt the 5040 will be more expensive, it will have 3 unused cores instead of 1, it may be clocked faster but still without being fast at all, not measured against modern hardware, not even measured against 2005 level Mac PPC hardware. Obviously not even in Linux using all 4 cores, where an ancient Quad Powermac easily beats it at the fraction of the price tag.
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