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    takemehomegrandma wrote:
    Well, since the 5040 is essentially pointless (from an "Amiga" perspective), it would have been better to only do *one* board that fully make use of the *5020 specs*. Now they have obviously made compromises to be able to use the same board with a CPU that no Amigan wants or needs.

    There are several "Amigans" who want an X5000 5020 or 5040, who either want it to also run Linux PPC, or still believe that Hyperion has a viable plan for making some kind of "hacky" (wacky) way of eventually getting AmigaOS4.x to utilize more than a single core, without breaking all backward compatibility.

    Since I no longer have any faith that Hyperion can accomplish any serious improvements to AmigaOS4, I will ignore them completely, until they have something to show running on my X1000 (like the free upgrade to the imaginary AmigaOS4.2. Doesn't this smell familiarly fishy, like when Hyperion delayed the release of AmigaOS4, just to steal it from Amiga Inc. control via the shady legal agreement/contract, they had gotten Bill Mc fricken Stupid Ewen to sign? Oh wait, I guess it this a different and completely incompetent programming and impossible claims for the OS kind of thing that is preventing Hyperion from completing AmigaOS4.2!)
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