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    Thanks David,
    Neither system would be particularly odious to me, as long as it had a discreet gpu.
    I'm typing on an i7 Lenovo right now, but the built-in graphics really don't cut it.

    Who knows, maybe the Ryzen cored APUs (when introduced) will make built-in gpus tolerable, but I wouldn't count on it.

    Anyway, these systems are way more affordable than an Apple laptop, with all the same functionality.
    And Lenovo takes measures Apple doesn't (like making their keyboards spill proof).

    So...on laptops, that's the company I'd pick (if only because I can't seem to kill them, I have three, only use two, the third being a bit too dated, BUT all work).

    The ThinkPad may be the one IBM product I really grown to appreciate.
    And Lenovo appears to still be building devices worthy of the name.
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