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    Everblue wrote:
    One has to see what's actually still available off the shelf by the time MorphOS x86 happens (assuming it does happen)

    The challenge for the Dev. Team is choosing a desktop and laptop system that are new enough, so that the chipsets that they use are still being used in later models that will be available for purchase, once the porting of MorphOS to x64 is completed, so us users will be able to buy new computers that are supported by the port. What might actually happen, is that once the port is completed, us users might have to buy NOS, or used computers, if we want to have the exact computer hardware that the Dev. Team members wrote the port of MorphOS for x64 on and for.

    I'm not worried about it, as I have confidence that the Dev. Team knows what they are doing, and that they will choose the best hardware that they believe they can fully support, and that will still be available for us to purchase, hopefully as new systems, but if not, I don't mind buying NOS, or used systems, and I am sure the Dev. Team will continue working to update MorphOS for x64 to newer hardware, as updates become available.

    Hardware changes so fast, it will always be a challenge for a small team of developers to keep up with the newest hardware, that problem even exists for Linux, which has tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people working on it.

    I'm guessing we will get support for a certain family of desktop & laptop systems that will be available for a couple of years or more, then a few years later, if the Dev. Team is still willing to work on updating MorphOS for x64, we will get support for another family of desktop and laptop systems. I don't know how much work it will be for the Dev. Team to support newer x64 systems in the future, once they have successfully ported MorphOS to the x64 architecture. If we are lucky, most of the hard work will only need to be done once, and supporting newer, different chipset x64 hardware will not take our Dev. Team too long, and our updates will come fairly quickly, once newer tech becomes standard in the x64 world.

    Edit: The more I think about it, the more I am looking forward to MorphOS for x64, without native support for Amiga API, just running old Amiga software through EUAE. Vampire accelerators, and eventually, stand alone Vampire hardware is interesting enough for running old Amiga software faster. It has that old school geek hacker kind of vibe that myself and apparently many old Amiga users love, and hopefully, MorphOS for x64 will have enough in common with how it works, compared to how the AmigaOS was/is organized and works, that it will be a welcome alternative to Windows, MacOSX & Linux for us current MorphOS users, and a handful of curious current users of mainstream OSes users, to keep our userbase large enough, so some few developers will write new software for MorphOSx64, and port existing Linux software to it as well.

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