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    Don't really see the point of these card/stick computers (atleast not in a MorphOS context).

    What I do have here is an Intel 4core miniITX with no fans or other moving parts in housing a bit bigger than a MacMini.

    Can take 2 2.5 SATA drives and up to 16GB and if put in a bigger case you could add 1PCIe and an optical drive.
    Sure comes with intregrated Intel GFX, but such units also come with AMD CPU which would have a shared memory Radeon of some kind on the chip.

    Well googling for that Lenovo comes up with units from 599 to 1700€ with the cheaper units having just FullHD and about half the battery life of a MBP while weighing more.

    I'm sure a laptop for a fair comparison could be had for less money than the MBP, just not at 599....
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