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    Tekk wrote:
    Thanks for the replies all. I've managed to get the OS installed. Only thing now is that I can only access it via the CTRL (lowres) option. When I test the different monitor setups I end up that the 1680x1050 wide works. But also (via the MUI screen option) after USE the 1280x1024 24b one. But (!) after a reboot my monitor goes black and into standby. I would expect if the 1280x1024 24b is being USED and works that a reset does not result in a standby of the monitor.

    What could be happening here? Ty again!

    To make it clear that you're doing it from correct settings, in the MorphOS Preferences ("Settings->System..." from the pulldown menu) you'll see both "Screens" and "Monitors" settings. The screenmode for the Ambient screen (and other screens) can be selected from the Screens settings, and normally that is quite enough with the predefined screenmodes. If you need to tune or test the available screenmodes more precisely, you can do it from the Monitors settings. The new modes created there have still to be taken in use from the Screens settings.

    Another thing which you seem to be confused is the Save/Use/Cancel behaviour on MorphOS. It's the heritage from Amiga where this concept has been from the start. If you want the settings to be changed permanently you'll have to click the Save button to save the settings to harddisk. The Use button only takes the settings in use temporarily, and the settings are reverted back to the saved state after a reboot.

    I find this as one of the best inventions on Amiga ever, because this way you can temporarily use different settings without needing to worry messing your stuff too badly and without a need to manually tune them back when you don't need them anymore. I just hate it on modern systems where the settings are saved all the time you touch them. You can break your working setup just too easily that way if you just want to try out different options.
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