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    Tekk wrote:
    Cheers. I formatted the USB stick in Windows FAT32. Copied the 32bit dir. Booted. Followed the steps. And it hangs after

    boot usb1/disk@1:,\boot.img bi umsd0:morphos.iso

    It says DO-QUIESCE finished_ I've waited for 20 minutes.. and nothing. Should I wait longer?

    The guide is not very clear what should happen next.

    Waiting doesn't help, it should be matter of seconds. You have successfully loaded the boot.img file when you see that line, and the next step would be that operating system would start loading from the ISO file and you should see the MorphOS boot screen (black screen with butterfly image). You probably have already double checked that you don't have any typo with that umsd0:morphos.iso (you really have a file named morphos.iso on the usb stick)? Non matching name would cause exactly this kind of stop.

    Maybe it could also be that for some reason graphics output wouldn't be shown when MorphOS should initialize the display after loading the boot.img file. Are you connecting with VGA or DVI? Could you try to swap to other connection (with DVI-VGA adapter if you're now using DVI)? Or with different monitor?

    Another way to test if the system is actually running but without any display: try to press Enter when the system seems to be stuck, does it continue to the MorphOS installer (from the keyboard selection)? You should hear the installer jingle sound then. Or if you try to boot from CD, does it continue to read the CD after pressing the enter key.


    What might be weird that there is no system information after ELF. Like stated in the screenshots in the USB BOOT FAQ.

    System information isn't shown on all systems at that point, I wouldn't worry about that.

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