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    > Pegasos OF is only capable to handle HID-Interface on USB-ports - nothing else!

    My KVM on one of their USB ports pretend to be this "hid-interface", but then OF didn't see
    keyboard attached through that KVM. Only when attached directly, or when attached directly via usb-hub.

    Btw, i do wrote to Thomas Knäbel from bplan, he said that they didn't provide anymore email update support (but still i find all the latest firmwares on webarchive), and what most important he say they not plan to sold sources of pegs2's firmware.

    > Even as 3rd party (no dump of FirmWare available).

    Making a dump of firmware is not hard, and even without actual dumping of firmware you can extract rom from updater and unpack rom as well. For example this up050404 nothing more than elf file which contain inside a gziped .rom, so theoreticaly 3d party version can be done. The problem probably can be to understand whole format, find out on disassembled parts where are USB routines, and there maybe add some jump to new code, but that all of course will take time. I was hope someone already go to this already ..
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