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    Peg2 Firmware activates internal and external (HUB) USB-ports and assign them hardwareadresses. You can see them typing (in OF-console):

    >dev /pci

    You can see now assignment of all USB-ports (exact HW-Adressses see next)

    BUT: Pegasos OF is only capable to handle HID-Interface on USB-ports - nothing else!
    Reading massstore-device or anything else, on USB is not implemented (against EFIKAs V1.3 firmware, and even there a KVM won't work, I suppose). It seems that it was planned to do this, because deblocker-device, which is one of mandatory needed codeparts to read masstore-devices, can be found in OF.

    >dev /

    (lot of output will follow: the whole devices and hardware-adresses, software-packages, etc......)

    Long time ago I spoke about that to MOS-Developer (F. Mariak) and BPlan (N.Det), but unfortunately there is no chance to do that, even as 3rd party (no dump of FirmWare available).

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