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    Is anyone ever trying to play dirty games with firmware of pegasos2 ? What i mean is to extract rom (that easy), and unpack it then, and be able to pack it all back so it still will be in working shape ?

    I just have needs to understand, what kind of stuff pegasos2 firmware send to usb-bus when power on. Because KVMs can't detect by usb cable that usb port is working, and it only detected when actually any OS starts. While when i connect USB keyboard directly to pegasos2, it detected fine. So will be intersting to understand what pegasos2 do or not to do, that KVM checking his USB port can't detect that machine online.

    Maybe pegasos2 firmware have some functionality which mean "ask the usb device", so to see if i can at all from firmware make usb be alive just like it alive after OS starts on this peg2.

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