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    sorry if this sounds an old topic but honestly I couldn't easily find any reference to it by searching, not even in the faq (and I apologize in advance if I missed it)... I realized only now that my PegII firmware is not up to date, it's still the 04 something of 2004, the most recent one is perhaps 050404 but I couldn't find it online anywhere... that old link pointing to Bplan site is broken of course....
    where can I get it ??? Or perhaps I must be aware and check my board version before attempting a FW update ?
    Also, sorry for this too which seems an old question, but is there any chance to mount 2GB RAM for MorphOS ? I have many spare
    1GB identical modules around and I wanted to try, perhaps I am lucky... but I think I need the last firmware to even just hope to
    be lucky, or I am wrong ?

    Really, I apologize in advance cos I know these are perhaps really old topics discussed to nausea, but I stopped following MorphOS and related news since ages, and recently I was thinking of installing MOS 3.9 on my old PegII and possibly buy the licence (if worth the money, I will see)
    Thanks in advance for ur patience and answers !
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