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    The same hardware/device - bcm43xx_wl.device:0, is fitted/used in the MacMini hardware and that works for me with my MacMini when I do use it, though I prefer to used a wired Ethernet for my main setup.

    My use of the wireless hardware is not that regular as I know the latching to the signal available is not that impressive when compared to the Apple hardware which uses an 'Interference Rubustness' setting that seems to boost the incoming signal reception or at least make more of it than the MorphOS system seems to currently, sadly.

    I believe this issue of poor Wi-Fi reception within MorphOS is known about, and being looked into/addressed, but not resolved as yet.

    I seem to remember I had a similar issue (apparently freezing) with the prefs when I initially set it up with MOS, but I know that it works OK now.

    My Powerbook, that's registered for MOS, is a 5,8 model (A1138) which uses a slightly different card, but uses the same device, if I remember correctly, and that works OK with MorphOS, within the range limitations of MorphOS.

    I currenty don't have MorphOS installed on my G5 PowerMac 7,3 (A1047-2061), A1107 or A1085, all of which use the A1026/A1027 Airport Extreme card as will your A1046/Powerbook 5,2 so I cannot currently offer any advice on that A1026/A1027 Airport Extreme Card, though I really cannot think there can be any perceptible difference between MorphOS recognising the card compared to any of the other MorphOS supported Apple Airport/Wi-Fi hardware.

    Until you get anyone else's response I hope this information is of some use to you. 8-D
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