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    amigadave wrote:

    If Trevor is really dedicated to moving AmigaOS4 forward in the best way, he should probably ditch making any more new X5000's, sell all the Tabor's he can, and then support porting AmigaOS4 to the Blackbird as the next high end target system.

    The Talos is a very poor choice if you are restricted to 1 core/CPU.


    Stop wasting so much money designing custom hardware that has such limited performance,

    Designing an "X6000" for sure makes no sense, but it might make sense to either sell the current X5000 at production cost (same as ditching it and reselling Talos) or do a X5000cr, aka no Xorro, no Amiga-naming or any other BS.


    A-Eon should also be supporting the open PPC laptop project (Trevor probably has, and I just haven't been keeping up to date with reading his blog).

    As I've written elsewhere, at current pace it will be years before porting OS4 could even start (and we all know how long that tends to take) so IMO too little too late.
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