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    Jim wrote:
    Well, I'm typing this on a cheap Galaxy J7 Refine.
    But if I compare the price of a Blackbird system to the Ryzen 3000 series I intend to build, the prices aren't that too far apart.

    I'm really surprised that you haven't already purchased a Blackbird system for yourself Jim. With all your well known preference for the Power architecture and support for keeping an up to date fork of MorphOS for PPC, even after it is ported to (or rewritten for)the x64 architecture. It's too bad that the price of the Power9 CPU's is going up, but it still appears that the price of a complete Blackbird system is close, if not below the price of an X5000.

    If Trevor is really dedicated to moving AmigaOS4 forward in the best way, he should probably ditch making any more new X5000's, sell all the Tabor's he can, and then support porting AmigaOS4 to the Blackbird as the next high end target system. Stop wasting so much money designing custom hardware that has such limited performance, and support Raptor by promoting the Blackbird system. A-Eon should also be supporting the open PPC laptop project (Trevor probably has, and I just haven't been keeping up to date with reading his blog).

    Although it would be nice to see MorphOS running on a Blackbird system, the switch to x64 makes far more sense for the users, most of which would never spend the money on such an expensive system. I would not be surprised to see a developer, team member only version, of MorphOS running on a Blackbird system some time in the future, if any of the team members care to purchase a Blackbird system.
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