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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > The 8 core variant is available.

    ...as is the 4-core variant of the bundle.

    > that doesn't include a cooler

    The 8-core variant of the bundle does include the cooler, whereas the 4-core variant does not.

    I just noticed the cooler in the photo.
    As it costs ab out $100, that brings the cost of the two systems closer.

    BTW - My Dell laptop just died (a few days ago one memory slot stopped working, but I got it running again by removing one strip, now it appears to be fubared).
    So...I have one X64 system left, and my MorphOS hardware.

    I'm really tired of the lack of reliability I've experienced with this crap.
    Most of it manufactured in China, the failure rate is too high.

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